/ Falcom is an independent investment management firm.
Wealth Management, Asset Management, Institutional Distribution /
Experience &
Track Record
/ Falcom’s team is one of the most experienced, and with one
of the longest track records in managing investments in Chile /
/ Our products and services serve institutional investors, family offices,
high-net-worth clients, and foundations /
Vision &
/ Independence - Long-term relationship with our
clients - Fiduciary role with our clients /
Who we are
/ Falcom Capital /
We are a financial services company that focuses on
wealth and asset management in Chile and the
Our partners are renowned executives with
extensive experience in the financial system.
Before founding Falcom, they held important positions in
different companies in the financial industry, both in
Chile and in the region.
/ The team at Falcom Capital /
Our partners have extensive experience and backgrounds
in finance, and are widely recognized in the field. Before
founding the Company, they held important positions in
companies in the industry, with responsibilities in such areas as
Global Markets, Asset Management, Institutional Sales, and
Corporate Finance.
Our values
/ Strategic Pillars /
Our business model emphasizes independence so that our clients
have access to the best investments on the market, making
decisions with a highly qualified, dedicated team.
We establish long-term relationships with our clients, and we
give their interests top priority when managing their wealth.
Wealth Management
Business Areas
/ Investment and Management /
Financial advising and wealth
management services for
high-net-worth clients
Asset Management
Falcom Funds and
discretionary mandates
Institutional Distribution
Distribution of prime funds of
world-class managers to
Latin American institutional investors.
Tel: +562 2275 7900
El Golf 82
Piso 6 / Las Condes
Santiago Chile
Fax: +562 2275 7906
Cerro el Plomo 5680
Piso 6 / Las Condes
Santiago Chile
Fax: +562 2275 7906
+562 2275 7900
Cerro el Plomo 5680 Piso 6
Las Condes, Santiago Chile
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